Our "BOOST Leadership" program encourages students to become virtuous leaders. Students will have the opportunity to learn about different leadership styles & qualities that will lead towards the creation of their own personal leadership statement. Each lab is taught live by a Leadership Coach, and your child will interact virtually with other young leaders! Over 5 Days, in daily 90 minute sessions, your student will: 

  • Take a personality test to discover their strengths

  • Practice social awareness & relationship skills. 

  • Enhance self awareness & self management. 

Day 1: What is leadership? | Students will learn that leaders aren't always the ones in charge.

Day 2: Know Yourself | The first step in growing as a leader is knowing yourself. 

Day 3: Lead Yourself | Before you can lead others you must lead yourself

Day 4: Know Others & Lead Others | When we lead people, we need to make sure we are paying attention to WHO we are leading.

Day 5: Presentation Day | Students present their personal leadership statement to the group! 

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