Everyone loves a good story. But how do you create a great one? Whether your student grows up to be a writer, an engineer, or an accountant, everyone should know how to tell a story that captivates people. In our "How to Write a Great Story" course, we’ll teach your student the key elements every great story has, so they can become a storytelling master. Each 90-minute lab is taught live by a Leadership Coach, and your child will interact virtually with other young leaders! In this jam-packed, 5-day course, your student will: 

  • learn the secret structure every great story has

  • learn how to write a compelling story with a memorable character, beginning hook, middle build, and ending payoff

  • use their imagination and practice the craft of writing and storytelling

  • learn how to give, receive, and implement helpful feedback

Day 1: What Makes a Great Story? | In this session, we’ll teach your student the fundamentals of great storytelling and what makes a story work. 


Day 2: The Beginning Hook | In this session, we’ll teach your student how to grab their reader’s attention and never let go with a compelling beginning. 


Day 3: The Messy Middle | In this session, we’ll teach your student how conflict hurtles the story forward and builds narrative momentum. 


Day 4: The Surprise Ending | In this session, we’ll teach your student how to write a surprising-yet-inevitable ending that will make readers say, “No way?!"


Day 5: Presentation Day | In this session, students will read their stories proudly aloud and receive helpful feedback!


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